Greenville Rec's old website design compared to its new website design

Our New Website Design Is A REC

ArticlesOur New Website Design Is A REC

We have become the experts in developing websites for parks and recreation districts, and we are extremely excited to announce the launch of the all new, Greenville County Recreation District website. This is the third generation of websites that we have created for Greenville Rec and it is both beautiful and powerful.

We have given the site a new, more robust, menu system making it easier to navigate the large community of people, parks, and programs that are generated through GCRD. These new menus allowed us to take the previous Greenville Rec website, which had 350 pages, and bring it down to approximately 280 pages. The navigation allows the user to find what they’re looking for among the many opportunities provided by Greenville Rec.

One of the things that make us unique is that we not only strive to do great web design, but we create websites that can be content-managed by our clients. Although the Greenville Rec website is large, the content can be easily edited by their staff. Some websites are beautifully built but, because of the way they are programmed, you have to depend on someone else to keep it updated. We are able to design and program sites where the content can be easily updated by you at any time. This is one of the major differences in our web designs that benefit our clients.

Another thing that makes us unique is our commitment to not only MAKE your business or organization relevant but to KEEP it that way. Once we design and launch your website we will come back to you in two years and will do a complete redesign of your site. Greenville Rec has continued to grow and mature in our community and we believe their website has grown and matured right along with them. A relevant website is one that makes you feel like there is something happening with a particular business or organization. This lets the people that look for you or that find you on the web know that you are legitimate.

You can check out the new Greenville Rec website at We will also be relaunching Oregon’s North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District’s website in the coming months. Check out their current site at and watch for the transformation.


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