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Hiring The Right People For Your Design Job

When it comes to design, most people think having “designer” in your title makes you an authority on helping them with their design, especially if your rates are low. However, hiring the right designer requires more than a title and a low price tag. Let me give you a few words and definitions to help explain what I mean.

  • Unicorn – a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single, straight horn projecting from its forehead. Can often be seen making an appearance on My Little Pony.
  • Jack-of-all-Trades – this is the person who can do a variety of work but isn’t necessarily competent at any one thing. Typically, this person also has the last name . . . Master of None.
  • Expert – this person has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of, or skill in, a specific area.

Which Designer Should You Hire? When it comes to design, what do these definitions and descriptions mean regarding who you hire?

I often see job postings by companies who are looking for “unicorns”. They are looking for that mythical creature/designer that can work some sort of magic. The same thing happens when a company is trying to fill a variety of positions by hiring only one person. They list the job requirements with something like – proficient in web, print, and AutoCAD, knowledge of video editing, and must be capable of using both sides of the brain. Seriously? This person is being asked to wear four hats (i.e. full-time jobs) when they come to work. As you read the list of requirements you expect to see, “and can fly” too.

Most freelancers fall into the jack-of-all-trades category. Due to necessity, they do a variety of jobs for their clients in order to fulfill their needs. When a client has a need where the freelancer lacks experience or the skills to accomplish it, the freelancer will talk to friends and Google “how-to” videos hoping to find a way to make it work. In essence, you are paying the freelancer to train and equip themselves, which is why their pricing can be cheaper. However, problems typically arise when the scope of work changes and there isn’t enough experience/knowledge to accomplish the task or provide a solid solution. I get the image of the iconic, one-man band playing on the street corner. Amusing to watch, but would you want them to play at your wedding?

Experts tend to specialize in specific areas. They are also equally good in some areas, and knowledgeable in others. This allows the client to get professional work and/or advice from someone who has years of proven experience and has kept up-to-date in their particular field. An expert will also give you the product and services specific to what you need now AND in the future. So, which designer do you want to hire?

We Are Your Design Team Experts

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