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During the Spring of 2011, Drum Creative had the privilege to work with Canal Insurance to design and develop a 1.0 Version of an iPhone App and Android App. Drum partnered with an application software developer to help with the navigation programming, and programming features in the Apps. We began the process by meeting with Canal’s claims management team and the programmers to discuss the functionality and navigation of the Apps. Together, we needed to answer the following core questions to create the infrastructure of the App:

1) What will the user see on the home page when they launch the App?
2) How will the user navigate through the App once they leave the home page?
3) What critical functions do we want on each page?

Once we answered these questions, we began the process of designing the App and building the navigation for each page based on the discovery phase. We provided an iPhone screen storyboard of each page that was viewed within the app and illustrated each interactive step the user would see and be required to perform.

After we received approval from Canal, we began to implement the design into the programming. When programming was completed, we ran a beta test of the App with Canal in a meeting room for them to approve the launch of the App. Once the App was approved, we walked Canal through the description process, created the various display icons that were needed for the app store, and administered all of the necessary submissions required for each marketplace. The uploading process was almost immediate on the Android market, but it took a few days to go through Apple’s approval process.

Download the App here: Canal Mobile Assistant

Be looking for version 2.0 this coming Fall…


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