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Rebranding Defined

Rebranding is a strategic marketing process that is often initiated by the need to refresh, reposition or retarget a brand or company. In most cases this process involves a new name, logo, tagline, image or some combination of these elements for the purpose of improving an established identity. Rebranding provides an excellent opportunity to reassess and clearly communicate the current state or vision of your brand, business or campaign.

Goals and Decisions

We were contacted by the Managing Editor of The Baptist Courier, a monthly newspaper written for South Carolina Baptists, about helping them to rebrand their newspaper. They wanted to improve their readership and present a more contemporary look to make it appealing to a younger demographic. We were excited to take on the project. The first rebranding decision was to go from a newspaper format to a magazine format. This increased the number of pages and allowed each page to contain a main feature rather than several features on a newspaper page. The second rebranding decision was to change the logo from, The Baptist Courier to The Courier. This included a change to the font style as well. This made the magazine more inviting to a broader audience. The final rebranding decision came with the layout itself. We gave it more graphical elements, made the photographs more prominent and created more visual appeal.

Rebranding Benefits

Rebranding your identity can be a productive process not only for potential clients but for your existing staff/employees. Rebranding allows you to journey back to your business roots and rediscover the original purpose and goals of your business. In today’s market, many businesses can start up quickly without ever defining their goals, objectives, and priorities. Rebranding can create synergy within your business and help move your vision forward. Rebranding does not mean that you have to change everything. The original purpose of your business might stay the same but the way you market or brand your business affects how that purpose gets communicated. In this case, although the look and feel have changed, it’s the same Baptist faith with a new Courier format.

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