a close up picture of the names on the 911 Memorial in NYC


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9/11 took place eleven years ago today but for many of us, it seems like yesterday. Today our thoughts and prayers go out to the thousands of victims and their families of this tragic event. We are reminded that we pay a price for everything that is of great value in our lives. We pay a price to drive a car, to own a home, to get married, to have children, and, ultimately, we pay a price to live in a free country. However, it is one thing to pay a price voluntarily it’s quite another thing to pay a price that came as a result of an act of evil.

At Drum Creative, we are thankful for the men and women who have sacrificed or lost their lives over the years enabling us to do the jobs we do. As we do our work today we do it with an attitude of gratitude and a spirit of remembrance. 9/11 wasn’t just about those lives directly affected, it’s about all of our lives and the common bond we share as a people living in America. So whether you’re a web designer, lawyer, teacher, doctor or other vocation we hope you will join us today in taking the time to remember 9/11.

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