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Creating Content Across Multiple Platforms

Information has traveled through various mediums over the years. From newspapers and television, all the way to personal computers. While the need to pass on information has not changed, it’s methods of delivery have. In fact, PC sales continue to decline as people are adopting tablets and smartphones as their main source of getting news and entertainment.

This evolution of information delivery has brought with it the challenge of creating content for multiple devices so that it looks and feels natural on each device. How do you build content for the many screen options that are available to us in a way that makes that content feel like it was created for that device?

 What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design works by figuring out the resolution of each device being used to view the content. It is then assigned the correct size for that particular screen. For example, as you manipulate the content on your device it will adjust to fit. Now we can build one website and it will work perfectly on each device that views it.

We recently launched a new website for the Baptist Courier using responsive web design to create a dynamic and rich experience across multiple platforms. The site looks readable and clean whether you are looking at it on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. When they contacted us about helping them with updating their website we were, well, responsive.

If you want your web design to look good on any device, contact us to get started.

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