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Setting Our SITES on REdesign

ArticlesSetting Our SITES on REdesign

It’s that time of the year. Schools are back in session, Starbucks is serving their Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Drum Creative is redesigning websites. You might be thinking, did they mean to say “designing” instead of “redesigning”? Nope, we wrote it as intended. You can find design companies that do web design and you can find web design companies that will redesign your existing website. But at Drum Creative, we do both as a part of our service to our clients. When you hire us for your web design project we will give you a great design that reflects your business and helps you communicate exactly who you are and what you offer. But we don’t want just one business transaction, we want a business relationship that grows alongside your business.

Creative Steps For Growing Your Business

After a period of time, a site can fail to communicate effectively. Have you ever gone to a website that had something you were interested in only to find a site that looked outdated or had posts that were written over a year ago? How did you feel about that company? You were probably wondering if they were still in business. Most of us would simply move on to check out the other search results and find a page that looks fresh and relevant. So what do you do after you have hired a design company to do your web design and it becomes outdated? You have to hire another company and purchase another, updated, design. We don’t like the one-and-done approach. We want to help you grow your business one creative step at a time.

At Drum Creative, we will not only give you a great web design but after two years we will do a complete redesign of your site. Not a font or color scheme change. Not a template change. Not a facelift. We literally will take it into the garage and give it a complete overhaul. You get a completely new design that lets your clients and those searching for you know that you are still in business.

Proven Commitment, Creative Results

We are currently finalizing and/or finishing redesigns for seven of our current clients. These are clients who have been with us a least two years or more and are continuing their relationship with us. We are super excited about that. It’s one thing to obtain work from a business but it is quite another thing to have that business return to you for more work. We believe that our commitment to you and your business, as well as our creative design team, have brought us to a place of success, trust, and proven results.

At Drum Creative, we are committed to producing the best web designs, graphic designs, logo designs, and branding possible. We are also committed to our clients in ways that go beyond just design. We want to see your business grow as a result of our relationship with you. Is your business in a season of change? Are you looking for a new web design? Do you need a new logo or look? Do you need a larger social media reach? Are you wanting to be found by the customers who are looking for you and what you offer? Do you need a marketing strategy that will move your business forward? Then set your SITES on Drum Creative.

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