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The Websites and Sounds of the Summer Olympics

ArticlesThe Websites and Sounds of the Summer Olympics

We love watching the Summer Olympics on our TVs, computers, mobile phones, and iPads. It wasn’t that long ago that you could only watch the Olympics in one place, on one device, and one event at a time. Today, we can watch and listen to it almost anywhere, on anything, and view multiple events simultaneously. The summer Olympics are showcasing some great athletes but they are also showcasing some great technology by providing websites that allow us to view these athletes in real-time as they compete for gold.

We are excited about this technology because we are excited about website design and web development. At one time your company could only advertise itself through a storefront, signage, and ads in local papers or phone books. It was great in its time but it had a very limited reach. Today, your website is your storefront, signage, and advertising and is working for you 24/7 reaching literally thousands of potential customers.

At Drum Creative, we not only create great websites but we know how to program those websites so that people who are looking for you, or what you sell, can find you. Web technology has brought the summer games to us in a very personal way and that same technology can bring clients to you as well. We love designing great websites and then programming those sites with good content to make your site relevant, helpful, and profitable. If you are looking for a competitive edge in your business let Drum Creative help you with your website design and web development. Your website can be as good as gold!

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