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I Think Photography, Therefore, ikan

We shoot a lot of photography and video in which lighting is always a concern. Our lighting needs can range from soft, subtle lighting to lighting several spots within a large area. The lights we had been using were difficult to carry, prone to breaking, and used light bulbs that lasted only a few hours and were undependable and easily broken. These lights were also very hot to touch after being on for only a few minutes making them hard to move around while shooting. If we wanted to control light output we had to move them around or use umbrellas. These lights looked and felt unprofessional and made our job more difficult.

After spending a great deal of time researching lights, we came across the ikan company and the lighting products that they offered. We ordered a kit from B&H Photo and Video and are now big fans of these lights and thought we should pass along the benefits of using them. We purchased the ikan iLED 312 3-Point Light Kit. This kit was well thought out and perfect for shooting just about anything. We immediately benefited by using LED lights over the EiKO bulb lights. The three lights we received in our kit were very bright and gave us a generous wide-angle beam. Not only is the light output bright but also dimmable so you can change the intensity of the light. You also have the ability to change the type of lighting you want using a small dial that moves from daylight to tungsten. This gives you several different options for lighting a scene or a person.

Just The Light Touch


Each light comes with a light diffuser that attaches quickly and easily by use of magnets mounted on the corners. You also get a separate bag to store each light, keeping them safe and clean. The lights are powered using 2 Sony L series DV batteries and you can monitor the battery life via a charge indicator on the rear of the light. You can also power each light using the included A/C power adapter for extended usage. We found that the batteries worked well for most of the shoots that we do. If you do more lengthy shoots and do not have access to an A/C outlet,  you can purchase extra batteries to have as a backup.

The kit also includes three metal light stands that can be adjusted to approximately 90” in height. Each stand comes with a special mount that allows you to position your light in almost any direction and since the lights do not get hot, you are free to make adjustments at any time during your shoot. You even get an adapter for mounting a light on the flash mount of your camera. Overall, the stands are easy to set up and allow you to maneuver in difficult locations.

Portable And Professional

Another bonus is that everything breaks down and fits nicely inside the included carrying case. The case comes with hand straps, as well as a shoulder strap, making it very portable and easy to carry. The bottom line is that this kit gives you a professional look with professional results. We highly recommend them for your next photography or video solution.


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