Canal Insurance 75th Anniversary Video Documentary

Canal Insurance

The Problem

When companies have been in business for many years and hit certain milestones, it calls for a celebration. That’s exactly what Canal Insurance was going through. They were celebrating their 75th anniversary as a business. Canal Insurance approached us to create marketing materials and a 75th logo to celebrate this occasion. We discussed the idea of creating an anniversary video that would showcase their history of 75 years in business. They wanted to tell the story of how Founder William R. Timmons started this business and the way it impacted Greenville and the Chamber by bringing new business to the area.

Our Solution

We spent a few months researching, interviewing, and discovering Canal’s past in order to storyboard a concept that included all of our research and presented it in an engaging, insightful, and fun way. We interviewed current and past employees, shareholders, and agents using a variety of locations and styles.

We used a variety of media to produce the video, including raw video, stock videos, stock music, photographs, original soundtrack recordings, animations, and the logo we developed for the 75th Anniversary. We utilized the local historical society to gather historical facts that would support and enhance the video on a local level.

This large-scale project required the involvement of many people, and Drum Creative was involved in every aspect and detail of the process from development to delivery. We felt like we had become part of Canal Insurance, delivering a creative result that exceeded all expectations.

Services Provided

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