Carter Ledyard & Milburn Animated Christmas Card

Carter Ledyard & Milburn

The Problem

Carter, Ledyard, and Milburn is a top law firm in Manhattan, New York. They thought it would be a great idea to send their customers an animated holiday card. They began searching for ideas and found a holiday animation that Drum Creative produced for the Blood Connection. They had no resources to create the ideas they had and needed a solution.

Our Solution

Drum Creative took the time to learn more about their vision and ideas for the animated card. It was clear they were wanting to show the history of the company over the years while also wishing their customers a “Happy Holiday”. They showed us their previous paper holiday cards which included images of their business at three locations since 1854, each one moving them closer to their current Wall Street location.

With their history in mind, Drum Creative decided to animate the card in a way that showed their various locations over the years and ended the video with a zoom-in of the current location’s front door that would morph from animation into an actual photo of the door, complete with a layered snow effect. We used both visuals and custom time-reflected music to represent the time period of each location, even to the detail of the “scratchy record” sound at the start of the video and the building lights animating to match the notes of the music.

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