The Problem

CBL approached us to redesign their website. We believe it’s important that the photography on your website represent who you are and show off your people. There is a place for stock photography, but when it came to this local bank we thought it was extremely important that the photography represent their unique products and personable team. CBL totally agreed with us and wanted our help.

Our Solution

After creating their brand’s story for the homepage of the website, Drum Creative had a good vision for the design and made a list of images that we felt would be important to display on each page of their website. From coordinating with employees and bank customers to ensuring proper releases were signed for unlimited use of any images taken, Drum Creative took care of everything needed to produce quality photography to showcase CBL’s personal touch when interacting with their customers. As a result, CBL now has many images of their people, location, and customers that enhance their website and can be used for any future marketing material.

Services Provided

Don’t hurt your brand’s image with bad photography.

Create the visual appeal your marketing needs with eye-popping images