Gastro Associates

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The Problem

Gastroenterology Associates of Upstate SC had an outdated website that didn’t clearly tell their story or the services they offer. The biggest hinderance to new growth was the lack of mobile device support and the high number of phone-calls that patients made to the support desk for basic informational questions.

Our Solution

We streamlined their homepage into a patient-centered story that communicates empathy for their gastrointestinal problems and easily directs them to the information they need. We also created an interactive anatomy graphic where the patient can indicate where their symptoms are and are then shown the related services that treat their problem. We also created an intelligent procedure prep instructions page that takes their appointment time and gives them precise instructions for diet leading up to the procedure. The easily accessible FAQ section on each procedure, plus the added HIPPA-compliant chat and online patient forms will lift the burden on their call center and allow them to grow to even more areas around the Upstate of South Carolina.

Services Provided

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