Gastroenterology Associates

The Problem

Gastroenterology Associates needed engaging on-location photography of their office and medical services and updated portraits of their doctors and employees.

Our Solution

For the portraits, we couldn’t shoot outdoors due to weather, so we shot them indoors near a window and replaced the backgrounds. The doctors also weren’t in the same place at the same time for the group portrait, so we used tape on the floor to stage them in the right place so we could photoshop them together. We cut out the background for that shot as well so we could replace the background with an outside shot.

For the on-location shoot at their office, we had two photographers and an art director coach the employees with where to stand to get the best shots for the website. We had any patients in photographs to sign release forms to use their likeness.

Services Provided

Don’t hurt your brand’s image with bad photography.

Create the visual appeal your marketing needs with eye-popping images