GSA Business In Studio Interview

GSA Business Report

The Problem

The print industry had taken a big hit during COVID and GSA Business Report was forced to pivot their business for 2020. They needed to create an online presence with video and needed a studio to accomplish their goals. They didn’t just need a studio but they needed a set that would be comfortable for interviewing their guests. When GSA had the lieutenant governor coming in for an interview, they needed to be able to accommodate her busy schedule by providing easy access to walk in and out of the recorded interview as quickly as possible.

Our Solution

Drum collaborated with GSA Business Report to come up with several channel ideas, including a “Coping with COVID” series we produced. We converted our studio to create different interview environments to have a custom look for this series. We used a myWall system which allowed us to easily move shelving, signs, walls, and even a TV to fit the space. We even changed out the sidewalls to enhance the uniqueness. Today, the SC Biz channel is thriving with quality content that looks and sounds great.

Services Provided

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