Kessick Wine Cellars

The Problem

Kessick expressed they were sorely disappointed with the results with their website, because they just shuffled some things around but really did not improve it. They added that they have a problem with users that come to the website understanding where to go and how Kessick can help them. A more important issue was the “Homeowner” visitor needed to understand that they needed to find a dealer/installer through their network not direct. Kessick also wanted us to make sure that the individual Wine Cellar Styles would stand on their own. With all of these concerns, we guided them to re-design the website.

Our Solution

After assessing these individual user categories, we built individual pages in the new website to address each user type. We accomplished this by designing unique landing pages for each Designer Style. In the middle of designing these pages, we also found that Kessick’s explanation of their Wood Type Offerings was confusing and, in a deep whiteboard discussion, hammered out a way to make this easier for the user to understand their offerings for each designer style.

We took all of this information, including their desire to make highlight “Kessick Quality” on the home page, which is far above their competition. This started with their #1 claim that their Wine Cellars are Exceptional, then allowed the user to pick their route to go deeper into the site based on their individual needs. (“Styles” or “User Category”). Ultimately, we developed a classy website that signified Kessick’s high standard of craftmanship.

Services Provided

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