Piedmont Womens Center

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white browser bar


The Problem

When Piedmont Women’s Center came to us wanting a new website, they wanted something that would speak to the viewer without turning them away. Their current site also used a “bait and switch” approach which they didn’t prefer and we agreed.

Our Solution

We discussed the importance of clarifying their message, and we guided them through the Story Brand framework to help clarify that message into an elevator pitch, and then convert that message into a simple wireframe that displayed the order and flow of the message. After crafting their brand’s message for the homepage, our team was able to create a well-designed, dynamic website, to showcase what their clinic offered to women in the community. For the design, we utilized their brand colors and stayed with a minimalistic look and feel. We felt this perspective would help guide the viewer to specific areas without getting distracted.

We now have a website that is clear and aesthetically pleasing, as well as easy to navigate.

Services Provided

Stop wasting money on a fancy web design that doesn’t work.

Build a website that stands out from your competition