Reeves Company Ethics Video

Reeves Construction

The Problem

Reeves Construction owns RB Baker, Sloan, and Southeast Emulsions is a large construction company with thousands of employees, and it would be impossible for the CEO to reach all of those employees. REEVES asked us if we could help them create a welcome and code of ethics video video to reach all of their employees with his personal message.

Our Solution

We worked with the client on creating a script, and assisted them with keeping the points clear and simple to understand. We then storyboarded what kind of shots we would need to get to achieve our goal for this video. We coordinated different location shots, and made sure that in every shot employees were demonstrating the proper safety precautions. The CEO came to our studio where we added their logo to our TV, and provided a teleprompter assist for his very important message to all the employees in the company. The result was a professionally produced video made a typically boring topic very personal.

Services Provided

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