SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimizing your site improves the likelihood that you will be found when someone searches for you or your content while using search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Initial Site Audit

Before implementing an SEO plan for your site, we will use industry leading software to take a look “under the hood” by performing a site audit to discover any current issues that might be preventing your site from being found by search engines. We will present you with a report of our findings.

Quarterly Analytics & Site Audit Report

Search engines make hundreds of updates to their search algorithms each year, making SEO an ongoing discipline rather than a one-time effort. We will keep your site aligned with these changes, ensuring your website remains active in a search. You also need a way to monitor the progress of your SEO efforts. Our plan includes a quarterly analytics & site audit report and a meeting with you to discuss our findings.

Complete SEO Optimization

Utilizing the information we gather through an initial site audit, we will conduct a comprehensive site optimization strategy for your site’s pages, content, and images. We will also make sure you are accurately represented in the primary, local directories and on all of your social media platforms.

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