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3 Important SEO Tips

Articles3 Important SEO Tips

It’s frustrating when you post a new piece of content on your website, only to realize that you aren’t getting any traffic. You put in a lot of effort into creating content that works for your audience, but posting the piece on your website isn’t enough anymore. You need to create a strategy to promote your site and everything you’ve created to generate traffic. Here are a few tricks to get you started with increasing your domain authority and optimizing your website for search engines.

1. Incorporate long-tail keywords and inbound links throughout your content to enhance the chances of your piece being ranked well in search engines. Remember to use internal links to your own content whenever and wherever appropriate

2. Republish your best performing content to authoritative websites in your industry, with the appropriate credit given to the original author.

By republishing your content to authoritative sites, with a link back to your website, you’ll effectively extend the reach of your content and your website. Posting an appropriate call-to-action is important if you want to make the most of your content. Republishing will allow you to rank higher on search engines and will make your brand seem more reputable.

3. Create a content calendar involving sharing high-quality content consistently on your website. Reuse your content on social media by sharing content that fits with the appropriate network. Turn your blog post into a “How To” video, and link the video back to your post. Try sharing your content on LinkedIn with an updated headline. All of this will let you rank further on specific keywords, and each new piece of content will breathe new life into your brand.

You worked hard on your content, and you want to get the most from it. To do this, you’ll need to create a plan that includes how and when you’ll promote your content to generate qualified traffic to your website. If you follow these three tips to start, remembering to be patient, and analyze your results; you’ll be in good shape.

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