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4 Ways to Get More Online Reviews For Your Business

Articles4 Ways to Get More Online Reviews For Your Business

When making a purchase decision, most people rely on various factors to make up their minds. So, unless you already know the product well, you will likely fire up your favorite search engine and try to locate as much information about it as possible.

What you read online may convince you to buy from company A instead of B. Why? It’s not always the price. Many times, people choose a product because it has rave reviews. On the contrary, if you see numerous negative reviews for a product that seems cheap and sound, otherwise, would you hesitate? An important key to increasing your competitiveness online is by boosting your reviews. Here are some different ways to boost your online reputation through reviews.

Build Your Google My Business Profile

Do you notice the businesses that pop up on Google Maps when you search for a location? You can be one of them too! Start by creating a Google My Business profile. Google uses the information supplied on your My Business page to determine your placement. Google reviews matter and once the profile is set up, customers can quickly leave an online review for you.

Offer Incentives

Your customers may need a bit of incentive to leave a review. Consider offering coupons, discounts, freebies, or running a contest with attractive prizes for people spreading the word about your business.

Ask For a Review at the Right Moment

The sales funnel doesn’t end after the customer has made a purchase. First, show them how much you care about them by asking for feedback and resolving any problems they may have. After that, politely ask them to leave a review if they love your service.

Reply to Negative Reviews

Sometimes, you inadvertently upset a customer, and a negative review suddenly appears on your profile. Don’t panic. Instead of ignoring the review and pretending nothing has happened, show how much you care about your customers by replying and trying to work out a solution. Other potential customers may look at that and feel pleased with how you handle the situation.

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