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Advantages of Using Video to Grow Your Business


The majority of consumers prefer watching videos to reading text. Hence, any business that needs to grow must include videos in its marketing strategy. Here are the advantages of using videos to grow your business.

Great for Search Engines

Videos are great for search engines. As long as you optimize your videos by including popular keywords in your titles and descriptions, your videos will assist your site in ranking higher on Google. According to Moovly, a website is 53 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page if it includes videos.

This is because people have a higher chance of spending a lot of time on a site with videos. This signals to search engines that the site has quality content, hence ranking higher.

Higher Engagement

Videos have a high rate of engagement compared to text. This is because videos are easier to consume, and consumers want to see the product being used. Hence, videos are great for marketing.

What’s more, live videos via Facebook Live and Periscope are ideal as the audience is encouraged to participate through comments and sharing. Therefore, a business can respond to questions and problems that the target market might be experiencing.

Appealing to Mobile Users

More than 90 percent of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices. Because most of your consumers have a mobile device, it is paramount that you use video to market your services.

Consumers are more likely to get a personal connection from watching videos on mobile devices compared to TVs and desktops. Due to this growth in mobile video consumption, it is essential to consider the personal experience consumers have on their mobile devices.

These three benefits of using videos for business growth should be enough to get you to invest your time and money in video production.

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