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In all aspects of life, I constantly look for ways to improve how I do things—I am never content with the way things are. I am constantly learning and applying what I learn to the way I work. That is the advantage of going to events like Refresh Greenville and Tech After 5. I say all that to say this: Every website that I do is better than the one before, but the improvements aren’t always immediately apparent.

A Preface

Our web designs are built using the WordPress Content Management System. We chose WordPress because it is the most user-friendly, open-source content management system around. However, out-of-the-box, WordPress is lacking in certain areas that we believe are important for all of our clients. Below I will detail in layman’s terms what we do to make our websites better for you:

Preventing Spam

For years comment spam on blogs has been a huge problem. The most common spam is automated and comes from bots. Currently, we use an effective solution, without CAPTCHA’s, challenge questions, or other inconveniences to site visitors. Our solution effectively eliminates automated comment spam from bots.


Caching: When we work together to build content on your website, all of that content is stored in a database. Each time a visitor comes to a page, the database receives a request for that content and returns it to be displayed. A database is a necessity for a content management system, but once a website is complete, we turn on something called caching. Caching takes each page and converts it to pure HTML so that the database doesn’t have to be accessed anymore. This greatly improves the website performance, which, in turn, helps with SEO since Google ranks websites based on page load time.

File Size: We do everything we can to keep file sizes as small as possible—from images to scripts. We use several tools that shrink files for the web—smaller=faster=better.


We add all the SEO features you need to take your website to the top of Google. Our tools allow you to add descriptions and page titles. All our websites automatically optimize your titles for search engines and automatically generate meta tags.


Every website includes Google Analytics which gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. These powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features let you analyze your traffic data in great detail. Google Analytics gives you the information you need to strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher conversion rates. We also offer SEO Workbook in which we develop and implement an SEO strategy for your website and then track that strategy through analytics so you can see real, tangible results. Contact us for your next web design or redesign project and let us help you to take your website above and beyond.

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