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How to Find Your Business in the SERPs

ArticlesHow to Find Your Business in the SERPs

Are you having a hard time building an online business? It could be due to the lack of traffic your site receives. While creating quality content can help you rank higher on Google’s search results, you won’t generate any income unless viewers can find information about your products and services. To see how your site is ranking on a search engine, you can type in the titles of articles published on your blog. If your content is not displaying on the first page, then the site as a whole could benefit from a boost in traffic.

Listing Your Business on Google

Google My Business makes the process easier by monitoring your business activities through its name, location, customer reviews, and hours of operation. This listing allows potential customers to see a summary of what your business does while they are shopping online for similar products. For more advanced SEO techniques, you’re expected to learn about infographics in web design, know your competition, and optimize your site so that it is mobile-friendly.

Hire an SEO Expert

To increase your site’s visibility, it is important to have a professional SEO plan. It’s a term for online marketing which can include paid advertising, social media campaigns, and of course, using keywords relevant to your business niche. A successful business must utilize a combination of these marketing channels. But, trying to implement SEO techniques on your own is difficult, since you must be familiar with tracking analytics, keyword research, Google’s algorithm updates, landing pages, email marketing, and so forth.

Maybe you don’t have time to guest blog in exchange for backlinks from sites with authority. Or you want someone to manage your social media page. In any case, you should consider hiring an SEO expert who knows how to improve the rankings on your site, starting with an SEO audit. You should make room for SEO in your marketing budget and consult with proven experts to learn about their past clients and to explain their process for improving your website’s rankings.

Keep in mind that a competent SEO consultant is capable of off-page SEO as well, so talk with them about your local SEO campaigns to determine whether your goals are realistic.

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