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SEO and the Battle of the Bots

ArticlesSEO and the Battle of the Bots

Online content has evolved a lot over the past few years. Even if you set aside the video production, the highly graphical content that large bandwidth allows, and social media campaigns, how we use the text itself is different. Articles and blog posts were initially meant for humans. Then they were transformed for “bot” audiences. Now you need to write for both.

Everyone needs to write to a human audience, even if only bots read the article.

Ideally, people are reading your content. Your landing pages are driving conversion because your target market connects with your audience, and you’re building a community out of your customer base. But that’s not always the case. Unless human audiences are specifically looking for your post, a bit of algorithm got to it first.

But those bots are getting smarter. When search engines first became popular, they could only search for exact matches, and the more they found in your article, the better. Then search engines could search for similar, secondary terms. Along the way, they developed a critical eye for keyword stuffing and other harmful practices. Now, bots scan your content for everything from grammar and tone to the types of links you include.

If the bots decide your content won’t be a good fit for the human audience searching for an answer, your links won’t even show up on the page.

How do you get past the gatekeepers?

Bots don’t measure good writing the way people do. They look for similar basics: few to no typos, proper grammar, and relevance. But because they can’t similarly evaluate a piece of writing, they rely on different metrics. They use reading standards and the average word per sentence count to see if your content is easy to read. They use SEO word placement guidelines to decide if your content answers readers’ questions.

Let our experienced SEO professionals in Greenville, SC, help you write and optimize your content to ensure that the bots understand it and that it can be found by those who are looking for you. Not sure you understand SEO? No problem. Our SEO Workbook Plan will allow you to track the progress of our optimization efforts so you can be confident that you are getting the results that you want.

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