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Give Your Customers What They Search For

ArticlesGive Your Customers What They Search For

Search engine optimization is not just about matching your content to exact keywords in long-tail phrases; it’s about user engagement and being a trusted site for solving problems. Search engines are combing through the Internet to find the niche content that thoroughly and organically discusses a topic.

How to Make Your Website More Visible Through SEO and Engagement Strategies

1. Make your content about solving problems

No matter what you sell, the odds that a potential customer is looking for your specific product are very low. Unless new leads have heard about your products and are researching them through reviews, they’re still looking for a general solution to their problem. Be the one to offer that solution by delivering helpful, well-organized content that targets what you think your potential customers are looking for.

2. Use a variety of related keywords organically through the text and images

Search engines no longer match search terms word for word and pull up the sites that are full of that specific term. Instead, they are searching for reputable, long-lived sites that use similar short and long phrases that are related to a searcher’s query without oversaturation. Have a list of high-ranking and thematically similar but naturally varied keywords to work into the text; search engines are getting better and better at parsing out sites that have genuine, well-crafted content and sites that are just looking for customers.

Keeping your content both targeted and natural can be a fine line to walk. But focus on implementing SEO strategies that solve other people’s problems, and those people may soon become your leads and, then, satisfied customers. If you would like to learn more search engine optimization strategies for your business, contact us to learn about our optimization plans including our proven SEO Workbook.



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