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4 Linking Tips for Better SEO

Articles4 Linking Tips for Better SEO

Links are an important part of Google’s search engine ranking algorithm. Links make the web interconnected and will always be an integral part of the internet. Here are a few tips for using links to boost your SEO.

Get Backlinks

Backlinks are, in Google’s eyes, a vote of confidence. When people link to your site, it shows that your site is popular and important. That will lead to them giving you higher rankings. However, it’s important that all of your backlinks be high-quality and come from high authority sites. Blackhat link-building techniques can severely damage your rankings.

Link Internally

It’s important to link internally whenever you can. If one page is ranking high and you link it to another page that is on a similar topic, you can transfer some of the link juice to that other page. Include at least one internal link in every blog post. Make sure to only link to similar content.

Link Externally

External linking is another underused SEO strategy. Don’t be afraid to link to other sites. When you link to high-quality content, it helps Google understand what your own content is about. It also tells Google that your own article is high-quality content. Don’t overdo it, but include one or two external links in each blog post, depending on how long it is.

Use Nofollow Links

Sometimes, you want to link to a site and you don’t want to transfer any link juice to it. Whether it’s because the site you’re linking to is low-quality, is a competitor or you’re using a promoted or affiliate link, you can use the nofollow tag in your links to tell Google not to follow it.

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