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Why Search Engine Optimization Matters

ArticlesWhy Search Engine Optimization Matters

There are millions of books, individuals, experts, and blogs available on SEO and how it works.  If you take the time to do research and digest what you find, you will likely come to the same conclusion as me – SEO matters.  So, why don’t I just save you the time and trouble of conducting the research yourself?

First, a clean website design is a great place to start. Organized, clean coding, as well as good content – filled with keywords – is ideal. Generally, there is a delicate balance to this that only experienced web designers and content strategists understand. Without the right knowledge, you could overdo it and that is a big Google no-no.

Next, URLs are super important. You need a clear, developed plan behind them. If done correctly, these can boost your website’s “find-ability.”  It’s a little complicated to get into the nitty-gritty… but trust me on the importance part. In addition to URLs, the description of each page in terms of coding also means a great deal to the searchability of your site.

Knowing where to list your site in order to get backlinks can also have a huge impact. Once again, the details of how to do this can be hefty, so I won’t go into it here – plus, if I told you I’d have to kill you. Rest assured we do know quite a few websites where you can list your business, helping you with your search results.

Social Media is another vital part of online marketing AND it can also help with SEO. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, etc. can all help to boost your search rankings.

Finally, keeping your website current – refreshing, updating, and adding content – on a regular basis makes Google feel warm and fuzzy towards your site.  Meaning Google starts to trust you more, leading to higher ranking over time.

My overall point is Don’t skimp on your site’s Search Engine Optimization. It’s money well spent!”

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