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Using a Blog as Part of Your SEO Plan

ArticlesUsing a Blog as Part of Your SEO Plan

Some businesses are unaware of the incredible value a blog can provide to their website, in addition to contributing to the overall growth of their company. Their thought process reads something like this, “I don’t have time to write blog posts, and I’m a business owner, not a writer. After all, the price of my product or service is all that really matters”. Then there are the business owners who have done their research and learned how blogs are a great tool for promoting business growth. As it turns out, there are several reasons why adding a blog is a strategic business move.

Blogs Promote Your Expertise

Especially if your company primarily offers services, blogging is a great way to highlight your company’s expertise on the subject matter(s) important to (potential) customers. New customers want to know if you truly are an expert in your field or if you only did the minimum and put up an online storefront. If a company does minimal work on their website, it sends the subtle message to potential customers that the business behind the site will likely put forth minimal effort in satisfying their customers.

Blogs Promote Your Enthusiasm

Whether your business sells a product, a service, or perhaps even both, there must be something about these products and services that engaged you enough to want to share them with others. Capturing that devotion and promoting it in a blog post is a great way to connect with others who share the same enthusiasm. Whether you are a wedding planner who loves helping others prepare for their special day, a building contractor who creates stunning homes, or a family brewery that offers an amazing line of specialty beers, blogs provide a way for businesses to show their customers they are excited about what they offer.

Blogging Can Benefit Your SEO

Last but certainly not least, blogs and SEO efforts go hand in hand. Whether a user enters a few words into a search engine or they tell Siri to find a great product or service, the blog (and the website behind it) that possess the customer’s desired keywords or phrases are much more likely to be presented to the customer than sites that do not.

If you would like to know more about how to use a blog to capture the attention of search engine crawlers and customers or to learn more about our blogging and SEO services, please contact us!

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