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Most of your traffic isn’t going to your site directly. Unless your website is a staple homepage like Google or such a frequent destination that your customers’ browsers auto-populate your domain into the address bar, then your website has to be findable.

SEO can help with that. High-quality content, lots of links back to your site, and high levels of traffic will drive your content to the top of search pages and increase your website’s authoritative standing. If you’re not on the first page of your target market’s search results, they can’t find your site to click on it. Once you do achieve that valuable first page, top-of-the-fold spot, make sure your content looks attractive.

That’s where web design steps in.

Web Designers Define What Content Shows Up in the Snippet

The three hundred or so characters that pop up under each search result help searchers decide if the link is likely to be useful. There are a few basic markers: is it the right language? Does the content look helpful, or does it look like nonsense? Basic web design covers the basics and ensures there’s at least some sort of text preview. But good web design ensures that the snippet looks promising. Whether that’s the intro to an article, a factual explanation of a technical term, or an overview of the page’s content, web designers are text designers, too.

Bots See Text, Not Beauty

Bots and programs are learning new ways of processing information. While new iterations might be able to evaluate your website based on design elements and images, most can’t. That includes the bots and programs deciding search results. That means every image, infographic, and video snippet needs to be backed up by descriptive alt-text and captions. Without that vital information, search engines can’t fully see your site’s value. Look for web designers who can optimize your current graphics and make it easy for you to publish optimized content in the future.

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