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Superior Inbound Marketing Opportunities

ArticlesSuperior Inbound Marketing Opportunities

In the distant past, SEO (search engine optimization) meant displaying a particular keyword on your website. Some folks took it to the extreme and repeated the same term over and over. Since then, the internet has evolved. Web design must now support SEO that actively promotes an inbound marketing cycle. What does this mean?

Understanding Inbound Marketing

The consumer is in the driver’s seat of the interaction. He/she searches for answers to product questions. The salesperson is a facilitator. No longer the keeper of stats and details, he/she cultivates customer interactions and leads.

How Web Design and SEO Factor into the Equation

When a consumer is asking questions, your website is the one that should pop up with the answer. You can do so by optimizing its content. But even here, there are additional options. The written word on the site is only one alternative.

The combination of the written word and stylized graphics is a fantastic tool for getting across information in attractive, bite-sized chunks. When you break down a complex topic into easy-to-understand facts, the shopper might stay with you to get more details.

Online videos
Using video production to add videos to your website content is an excellent example of SEO. Some people prefer watching a brief instructional video rather than reading a lengthy article. You attract a particular crowd with this move.

Blogs and Q&A content
Blogs underscore your brand. They start a conversation. One example is the Q&A piece that anticipates the questions a consumer might ask about a product and then offers the answers.

Boosting Your Website’s Relevance in Its Niche

Of course, web design and SEO cannot stand alone. Social media links are vital to direct online shoppers to your website or encourage interactions online. Another aspect is email marketing. Collect the leads that you garner with your site and cultivate relationships with prospective buyers.

All these aspects relate to one another. Working with our SEO experts in Greenville, SC will ensure a smooth transition from one medium to the next. Are you curious to find out what that could look like for you? Contact us today to learn more!

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