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Title Tags and Meta Descriptions For SEO

ArticlesTitle Tags and Meta Descriptions For SEO

The very first thing that people see when they perform a search on Google will be the blue title and underlying description in the search results. Considering this is their introduction to your content, optimizing these titles and descriptions is as important as optimizing your on-page content.

What Is a Title Tag?

The title tag is the blue link that appears as your page title when people enter a search term in Google. It usually includes a variation of the title that would appear on the corresponding page, with a phrase that people are likely to search.

What Is a Meta Description?

The meta description is the one- or two-sentence description that appears directly beneath the title. It normally includes a description of what’s on the corresponding page along with a brief call to action.

How Do They Impact SEO?

In short, the title tag has a direct impact on SEO, while the meta description has an indirect impact.

The keywords and phrases used in your title tags will help influence Google’s decision to rank you higher when people search for those terms, in addition to other SEO practices.

The meta description, on the other hand, won’t have any influence on ranking through the inclusion of keywords, but the description’s job is to convince users to visit your page, which could, in turn, affect the page’s ranking. The more people who visit your page and remain on it, the more this signals to Google that your page is worth ranking because of its perceived relevance.

Put another way; your title will help boost rankings, while your descriptions can help boost click-through rate, which will subsequently further boost rankings.

As a business, you should make room for SEO in your marketing budget. To learn more about how title tags and meta descriptions impact SEO and find out how they can improve your results, contact us and let’s start a conversation on developing an effective SEO strategy for your business web design.

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