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Design Examples in New York, NY

New York City?

You might remember the 90’s Pace Picante Sauce commercial where a group of hunters are sitting around a fire, eating dinner. When the picante sauce runs out someone throws out another jar of sauce, causing one hunter to note, “hey, this stuff is made in New York City”. At that point, all of the hunters stand up and yell, “New York City?”.

Online reviews continue to grow in importance for local businesses as consumers depend more on other people’s opinions than ever before. A significant portion of smaller firms has no strategy in place for getting positive reviews. Your online reviews impact search engine results and can have a specific impact on your business, positive or negative.

From Websites to Wall Street: Our Work in New York City

We receive a similar reaction when we tell people about the stop-motion animated Christmas card we designed for the law firm, Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP, who happened to be located in, you guessed it, New York City.

We originally created a card for our own company and later wrote a blog post about it. When someone from the law firm started looking for something similar for their company, they found us. It was incredibly satisfying to know that our work was showing up on Wall Street in New York. Now, we jokingly make the point that animated Christmas cards can only be made in Greenville, ‘by the folks who know what stop-motion Christmas cards should look like’.

How We Can Help You

Whether you’re on Wall Street in New York or somewhere else in the U.S., we can help your business succeed by designing a website, logo, graphic, or video that allows you to achieve your business goals, large or small. We have a proven record of working with clients and companies that are outside of our state and we have the experience and knowledge to creatively design for your business and brand. If you are a business owner in New York, looking for the right creative design group for your next project, then give us a call today and we’ll get back to you in a New York Minute.