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Trade Show Design

Trade Show booth designs can vary from portable displays all the way to custom island exhibits.

When it comes to designing these displays, we understand that they need to represent your brand identity AND help you achieve your business goals and objectives in a creative way. Our creative team has the experience to design your next trade show booth with creative displays that tell your story and clearly distinguish you from your competition.

images of tradeshow displays designed by Drum Creative

YOU Are Our First Priority

Our trade show designs start with you. Understanding your business and your message is imperative and that is why our first step is to conduct a discovery interview with you. That means gaining a total understanding of who you are, what you do, and what you want to communicate to your potential clients. We will design your trade show booth to look attractive graphically, including your message. 

Visualizing Your Trade Show Booth

After the discovery interview, we will develop some creative concepts that are complementary to your goals. We will design some mockups so you can see what your trade show booth display will look like before we actually design it, so you know exactly what you’re getting and what it will look like. Our goal is to help you stand out from the competition around you.

Your Business On Display

When you participate in a trade show, you need to stand out in a sea of competitors and gain the ear of an audience with a limited attention span. You want your trade show booth to have the right graphics and messaging that will attract attendees to your booth. You want your brand identity and brand message to stand out and make it easy for attendees to know what you do.

Here are just a few tips to ensure your trade show booth will look incredible and will create interest among attendees. Helping you discover, design, and display your point of difference is what we do best.

A few trade show tips to keep in mind for your next presentation or display:
  • Use a tagline that is clearly and quickly communicated and easily understood
  • Focus on one message that you want your trade show booth to communicate
  • Use display screens to deliver digital graphics that support your message
  • Avoid using too many photographs within your display since most people will only have time to ‘glance’ at your booth
  • As a best practice, limit your booth to three colors to avoid overwhelming or confusing your message
  • Don’t litter your booth with unrelated information or distracting visuals
  • Make sure your message is easy to read

Let us help you create impact with your next trade show or event