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You’re a small business – and you’ve heard that creating a Facebook page can help to build your business. But knowing it and doing it are two entirely different things. Kinda like how you know there is a way to get in shape … but actually doing it … well, that takes some work and dedication.

So how do you go about creating a Facebook page that actually makes a positive difference? Well, one way is to see what others have done to be successful. Similar to how you’d read articles or watch shows involving how other people were successful at getting in shape, you can look at the most successful small businesses on Facebook, and learn from them.

I am borrowing from an article in the Social Media Examiner listing the top 10 small business Facebook pages – it provides explanations and examples of creative and successful Facebook pages from the small guys.

In making their assessments and choosing the winners, panel members looked at, among other things, landing pages, engagement, reader involvement, and creative use of promotions.

What To Look For – and Learn From

So, as you look at the things that make Facebook pages a resounding success, here are a few key points to take note of:

  1. How often is the page posting? What times of day and what days of the week are they posting?
  2. What are they posting?
  3. What is getting the most interaction – pictures, links, videos, questions?
  4. What is working for them? (Hint: copy what is working)
  5. How many people post directly on the page? How many respond to a post? Take note of the new people “are talking about this” number, which includes people doing the following:
    • Liking your Page
    • Posting on your Wall
    • Liking, commenting, or sharing one a post or other page content
    • Answering a question you posted
    • RSVP-ing to an event created by your page
    • Tagging your page either in your status or a photo
    • Checking into your place
    • Liking or sharing a check-in deal

See What Works … And Use It As Your Guide

I recommend visiting the article and see the winning pages and their companies. As you will see, each company does a great job with varying their posts and encouraging engagement on Facebook. Keep in mind, none of these businesses have huge budgets, yet they have all achieved amazing success.

See what you can learn from the efforts of others … and let us know what you think about your results!




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