5 Emotions That Turn Customers Into Lifelong Fans

Articles5 Emotions That Turn Customers Into Lifelong Fans

Humans have a broad emotional spectrum, and we base our buying decisions on all those feelings. Love, hate, excitement, despair, satisfaction, envy—each tug on us uniquely.

If your website and marketing content connects with those human emotions, you’ll significantly impact your customer’s buying decisions.  

At least five strong emotions can immediately enhance your brand’s story.

5 Powerful Feelings That Connect With Consumers

#1: Happiness

Why did every fairytale end with “and they lived happily ever after”? Because happiness is such a strong desire, it feels like a necessity in our lives. Happiness is a continuing motivator, and consumers will repeatedly buy the promise of happiness.

#2: Trust

Be open and vulnerable. Transparency and shared values create trust, which is essential for a lasting emotional connection. When trust increases, you multiply your chances of keeping a customer for life.

#3: Conviction

Everyone has strong feelings of agreement or disagreement. People want to identify with and promote businesses that share their convictions. When a brand aligns with the same values as its customers’ core beliefs, it can be incredibly persuasive.

#4: Sadness

Empathy is lacking in our world today, so when a brand relates to someone’s hurt or pain, it leaves a significant impact. Some big brands have tried to make people cry with their marketing, which has paid off in big returns. It’s a trend called “sad-vertising,” and it’s powerfully effective.

#5: Fear

We’ve all had FOMO–Fear Of Missing Out. Fear is essential to our survival instinct, which makes it one of the strongest emotions on the human spectrum. BUT BEWARE! Unlike trust and happiness, which create a lasting human connection, fear is highly motivating but only has a short-term effect. Use it carefully.

 Create A Human Connection

Our emotions influence every decision, so if you want to motivate customers to take action, optimize your messaging by giving feelings more significant consideration. Let your customers know that you want to connect with them on a deeper human level.

As your brand competes against the ever-increasing noise and clutter of content marketing, Drum can help you play smarter, generate higher conversion rates, and provide a fresh perspective for more powerful content that turns your customers into lifelong fans.

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