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What Problem Are You Solving?

ArticlesWhat Problem Are You Solving?

An essential part of your brand story is communicating what problem you solve. Show people why they need to do business with you. A website that conveys this information with an engaging story converts more viewers into customers. Your customers need to understand how your brand will solve their problems immediately. Otherwise, you’ll lose them.

Short, Sweet, and To the Point

Remember those essays from school when everyone would pad them with words to reach the word count? This isn’t like that. Keeping your copy short and clear will help your readers understand exactly what you offer. Many websites say too much, which causes readers to get bored, lost, or confused, and an uninvested customer will take their business elsewhere. Keep it simple, and watch as those leads come in.

Memorable and Shareable

Think about the brands that you frequent or buy from with little hesitation. What motivated you to buy? Was it their lengthy and involved description of their business? No, it was their straightforward messaging. Concise and clear messaging is not only easy to understand, but it’s memorable. If your customers know exactly how you solve their problems, they will likely buy and tell their friends. Turn your customers into your brand’s most prominent cheerleaders by keeping it easy.

Write For Your Customer, Not the World

Sometimes the most challenging part of clearly conveying the problem you solve is the nuance of each person’s problem. That’s okay. Write for your specific customer. You can reach the small part of the population that your brand serves to convert them into leads. In that case, that’s a significant amount of potential buyers to start the conversation with. Diluting your messaging to reach a wider audience means you may miss those who are a perfect fit because they didn’t understand your offering. If you were talking to your ideal customer, how would you explain how to solve their problem in as few words as it makes sense? Focus on that; your website will do the heavy lifting for you.

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