Why Your Brand NEEDS An Emotional Story

ArticlesWhy Your Brand NEEDS An Emotional Story

You may have heard your website should predominantly feature and promote your best products or services, so that’s what you did. Then, you had high hopes that your site would attract new business, boost customer loyalty, or increase your bottom line. But that didn’t happen. So how can you get your website to move the needle and motivate customers to take action?

Well, here’s the secret:

People don’t buy products and services; they buy how those products and services will make them FEEL.

When Steve Jobs first launched the iPod, it was a big success. Its popularity left the tech industry scratching heads because the iPod wasn’t the first MP3 player on the market. Sure, it had some new features, but those bells and whistles didn’t make the sales skyrocket.

The most significant difference between the iPod and other MP3 players was how Jobs presented it. He didn’t tout its 1GB storage. Instead, he told you how you’d feel. With 1000 songs in your pocket, you’ll dance through your day.


The result? People had to have an iPod!

We’re all subconsciously looking for ways to improve our life. We have stressors, challenges, and pain points that we’re desperate for someone (or something) to solve. We want to see ourselves as part of a story that makes us feel something.

Why Your Brand NEEDS An Emotional Story

Humans have a broad emotional spectrum, and we base our buying decisions on all those feelings. Love, hate, excitement, despair, satisfaction, envy—each tug on us uniquely.

If your website and marketing connect with those human emotions, you’ll significantly impact your customer’s buying decisions.

So, How Does YOUR Brand Feel?

Take an honest look at your website. Are you selling a product or a feeling? If you’re not sure, sign up for our free website assessment. We’ll help you connect with your customer on an emotional level that will move them from simple curiosity to ultimate commitment. What a feeling!

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