Successful Trade Show Booths Have One Thing in Common: a High-Quality Graphic Design Expert

by Keith Hodges, Content Strategist
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trade show booths at car show illustration

You choose a step and repeat banner for the side and a slightly curved banner for the backdrop. Because you understand that tables can be more of a hindrance, you avoid using them in front of your trade show booths. You have even thought of a customized table throw. So why is the competition getting more visitors to their displays than you can attract? Their ace in the hole might just be a good working relationship with a graphic design expert.

What the Graphic Designer Does

Graphic design is an integral part of the branding process. It delivers your company’s message across a broad range of media without presenting duplicate “buy me” messages. Examples include logo designs or upgrades, advertising brochures you might place inside your booth, and the presentation of retractable banners or even the tabletop banners that show a product’s specs. The expert ties in these functions with a web design campaign that also includes search engine optimization of the splash pages advertising your trade show appearance.

How the Artwork Combines with the Real World Application

Technicians print the designs onto your materials of choice. For example, a standard banner material option is vinyl. But why limit yourself? When you want to stand out and present that extra bit of pizzazz, fabric banners can make a bigger impression. The same goes for hanging banners. Most everyone knows of the standard rounded hanging banners. How about going off the beaten path with a customized product that displays angular features instead?

Putting together a trade show design of this caliber is only possible with the trained eye of an expert graphic designer. Let our experienced designers help you create impact at your next trade show. You can also check out the Environmental section of our website to see samples of our work.

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