5 Tips for Writing Powerful Hyperlinks

a closeup of a black chain's links

Click here. Find out more. Check this out. Huh? What? In our Internet travels, we have all run across these types of hyperlinks, ones that when taken alone, mean nothing. That’s not what hyperlinks are for and definitely not how you should use them on your website. Your links should mean something. They have to. […]

Once Upon A Time – Part I

an image of an old man sitting on a bench looking out over a large body of water

“Tell me a story.” It is one of the first things we ask for as children – and seek out the rest of our lives. We never really grow out of our love of a story: good news, bad news, gossip, jokes, catching up … we communicate most authentically and automatically through stories. Stories help […]

What Web Content and Pizza Have In Common

a closeup of a pepperoni and olive pizza

It’s time to eat and you’re starving. You know exactly what you want; thin crust pizza with enough cheese to satisfy any Green Bay fan and enough meat to satisfy two adult carnivores. You order and wait for the result, salivating. Opening the lid to the pizza box, you have very specific expectations as to […]