User-UnFriendly Mistakes

frustrated man from a poor user interface on his laptop

Hello there, I am your typical website visitor. When I first enter your site, I start out with a reservoir of goodwill. I expect that you’ll be accommodating and help me quickly find what I am looking for. That is the ideal situation for both me and you. However, every user-unfriendly problem I encounter on […]

Less Can Be More

a top down view of a coffee mug sitting on a blue background

As the bloated Christmas holiday gives way to the pared-down penance of a New Year, the phrase “less is more” is used, ironically, a lot more. Whether it is our historically Puritan ethic or just plain trial-and-error, the concept that more is not necessarily better holds promise in many areas. When we start to realize […]

Dear Retailer, Help Me Be Your Customer

a clothing rack with a color assortment of t-shirts hanging on it

Dear Retailer; I would like to be your customer. Online, not in person. Now please, don’t take it personally. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve, you know, physically shopped for anything more than groceries. My behavior is not atypical to any degree. Like it or not, online shopping is here to […]