Less Can Be More

a top down view of a coffee mug sitting on a blue background

As the bloated Christmas holiday gives way to the pared-down penance of a New Year, the phrase “less is more” is used, ironically, a lot more. Whether it is our historically Puritan ethic or just plain trial-and-error, the concept that more is not necessarily better holds promise in many areas. When we start to realize […]

Have You Been Left in the Dark?

a closeup of a lit light bulb

It has come to my attention that quite often web design companies are simply designing a website and then leaving clients to fend for themselves. This is like giving a sleek, new car to a 10-year-old and telling him to “drive.” Of course, every company wants a well-designed site that functions well and can be […]

What Makes Us Different?

3 old telephones hanging on the wall with wire hanging down

The foundation of Drum Creative is our ability to work with you – our customers – to create an awesome web design at a great price and deliver it on time. Our team welcomes feedback and we allow our clients to see a “wireframe design” before we start building the actual, full-blown design. Prior to […]