Dear Retailer, Help Me Be Your Customer

a clothing rack with a color assortment of t-shirts hanging on it

Dear Retailer; I would like to be your customer. Online, not in person. Now please, don’t take it personally. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve, you know, physically shopped for anything more than groceries. My behavior is not atypical to any degree. Like it or not, online shopping is here to […]

Is Your Business Ready For Facebook?

a closeup of a coffee mug next to a computer on a desk and a bag and Christmas lights in the background

So, you’ve finally decided that you’re going to bite the bullet and get into this whole social media “thing.” Good for you! It truly is a great way to extend your reach and create a community for your customers. But, don’t jump in too quickly. There’s a lot more to it than simply creating a […]