There’s More to the Story – Part II

an old man sitting in a dark room full of books while reading a book

When our team meets with a client for the first time, we spend a good deal of time listening and learning the story of our new client’s business … these meetings are always enjoyable, as we get to hear their whole story right from the source. However, when I step up to the plate to […]

Once Upon A Time – Part I

an image of an old man sitting on a bench looking out over a large body of water

“Tell me a story.” It is one of the first things we ask for as children – and seek out the rest of our lives. We never really grow out of our love of a story: good news, bad news, gossip, jokes, catching up … we communicate most authentically and automatically through stories. Stories help […]

Increase Your Conversions in 3 Steps

a closeup of black plant pot with a plant in it sitting on a wooden table

Why are consumer testimonials so powerful? In his classic text, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini explains the psychology of why people say “yes”—and how to apply these understandings in business and in life. In writing the book, he spent three years going “undercover,” applying for jobs and training at used car dealerships, […]

Become a Snail Mail Superstar with Postcards

a postcard with two dogs and the words "Image Matters"

In a world of social media, web apps, tweets, pings, and invisible ‘clouds,’ the notion of mailing a postcard to market your business seems almost, well, quaint, right? Wrong. There’s a reason postcards have been around since before Al Gore was born, let alone before he invented the Internet. Postcards are affordable, effective, and easy […]