5 Tips for Writing Powerful Hyperlinks

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Click here. Find out more. Check this out. Huh? What? In our Internet travels, we have all run across these types of hyperlinks, ones that when taken alone, mean nothing. That’s not what hyperlinks are for and definitely not how you should use them on your website. Your links should mean something. They have to. […]

Backlinks and You: Improving Your SEO

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Trying to improve your website’s search engine ranking can sound and seem overwhelming. While you’d ultimately like a page one rank, getting there can feel quite intimidating. Where and how do you begin? It’s like eating a gorilla. And as the saying goes, how do you eat a gorilla? One bite at a time. And […]

Content is King

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And you thought cash was king? Nope. Not in web design. Today it’s all about content. I remember back in the day… say 1995, when just having a website was cool. All it needed was some “hotlinks” and flames to gain instant credibility. Consumers back then shopped with you first and visited your website second. […]

Why Search Engine Optimization Matters

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There are millions of books, individuals, experts, and blogs available on SEO and how it works.  If you take the time to do research and digest what you find, you will likely come to the same conclusion as me – SEO matters.  So, why don’t I just save you the time and trouble of conducting the […]