Less Can Be More

a top down view of a coffee mug sitting on a blue background

As the bloated Christmas holiday gives way to the pared-down penance of a New Year, the phrase “less is more” is used, ironically, a lot more. Whether it is our historically Puritan ethic or just plain trial-and-error, the concept that more is not necessarily better holds promise in many areas. When we start to realize […]

Is Good Enough, Enough?

a man in a black suit fixing his tie

The importance of differentiation in making one’s mark in the business world has a direct correlation to gaining success as a business leader. Recently, I completed my Masters of Business Administration from Walsh College and found myself at a crossroads.  Friends, family, and colleagues began asking me “what are you going to do now?” And to be […]

Content is King

a red umbrella

And you thought cash was king? Nope. Not in web design. Today it’s all about content. I remember back in the day… say 1995, when just having a website was cool. All it needed was some “hotlinks” and flames to gain instant credibility. Consumers back then shopped with you first and visited your website second. […]

Say Uncle! The Web is Where it’s at…

a black table set with silverware and white napkins

As an average consumer, I simply assume that every business in the world has a website. I also assume they are on Google (I mean it’s free, right?). So, the other day when I typed in “restaurants Greenville,” I believed that those companies that showed up in the search results were the only eateries in […]