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12 Reasons to Use Video For Your Marketing

Articles12 Reasons to Use Video For Your Marketing

Time never stands still, but in the technology and marketing world time seems to move faster than the rest of the world. Online video is no longer a new concept but is now one that most people prefer.

  • People prefer video instead of text because it’s a faster medium. The majority of people cannot read faster than they listen.
  • Video keeps their attention longer than plain text on a page because people’s short attention spans are even shorter now.
  • Video can play in a browser tab while the person continues to browse in other tabs or playing a game while still listening to your video.
  • If you have a complicated subject, visuals and examples in your video will be far more beneficial than step-by-step instructions in text.
  • Video ads are reported as having far better click-through rates (CTR) than text ads.
  • If your consumers are a younger crowd, you can reach them on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok with video.
  • Older consumers also prefer video because it may be hard for them to read text unless the font size is large enough.
  • Communication can go awry without tone inflection, therefore video will always be better than text.
  • A video will be shared much more often than text content. Especially if it’s funny or unusual.
  • Emails that mention video in the subject line are opened 13% more.
  • Products can be shown and explained much better through the media of video than the written word.
  • Webinars have always been and continue to be the best way to acquire new customers. Live video is an immersive experience and allows the consumer to ask questions that they would not take the time to find the contact button and type up their question.

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