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3 Categories of Video Marketing You Need to Know

Articles3 Categories of Video Marketing You Need to Know

If you don’t think video marketing is the right strategy for the growth of your business, check out some statistics that say otherwise:

  •  85% of online users watch online videos weekly.
  • A recent survey revealed that 49% of respondents stated that they watched more online video (now) compared to the prior year.
  • Video content appeared in over 70% of Google’s general search listings. This statistic supports the positive impact video marketing can have on your SEO strategy, among other advantages.

3 Categories of Video Marketing


Building awareness can have a range of meanings in video content.

What matters to your company?

  • Content that emphasizes company priorities: high-quality customer service, fast delivery, innovation, etc.
  • When deciding what to bring awareness to, give focus to your company’s core values.

What does your business stand for?

  • This type of video content would make viewers aware of the topics you care about most.
  • Taking a stance differentiates you from the competition.
  • You can raise funds, support causes, inspire changes.

Attracting more viewers to your brand

  • Produce content that is entertaining, visually attractive, and captivating.
  • Make viewers want to learn more about your brand.
  • “Clickbaity” but holds the audience’s attention throughout the content to encourage viewers to come back.


A chance for your viewers to learn more about your product/services. As commonly quoted, “knowledge is power,” and the more consumers know about a product, the more enticing it is.

How-to videos

  • Educating video content that gives viewers a play-by-play on how to use your product (or fix) ensures consumers get the advantage of using your product to its full potential.

Expert interviews and Q/A’s

  • Viewers love video content that includes niche expert opinions and ideas, along with fascinating facts and stories behind the expert.
  • Not only do niche experts bring more reliability to your video content, but a well-known expert can bring more views and support from their fanbase.
  • Tip: Ann Smarty, an Entrepreneur guest writer, suggests that you “ask conversational questions to stand out, [have] a well-defined process, and avoid publishing interviews too often.”


Customer engagement is already a critical strategy on and offline, so why not incorporate it into your video marketing strategy?

Provide comedic entertainment

  • With 112 million Amazon Prime members, it’s safe to say their research results are reliable when findings reveal that “Amazon Prime video customers have a high affinity to comedies” above other genres.
  • In a survey about consumer opinions, respondents not only valued company authenticity, but 75% believed that “when companies are funny, it helps them be more relatable.”

Keep the conversation going

  • An essential part of an engagement strategy is keeping customers talking about your product.
  • By continually interacting with consumers, you build loyalty and acquire more word-to-mouth and “sharable” content.
  • Mohan Sawhney, clinical professor of marketing, says that “the ultimate goal of engagement is to build an emotional connection with the brand,” and the “process leads to intimacy and advocacy. It’s not a single transaction, but an ongoing conversation.”

These examples are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building a video marketing strategy. If you’re interested in learning more about video strategies that fit your business best,  contact us for experienced, expert advice!

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