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Attention as Currency: Video Marketing

ArticlesAttention as Currency: Video Marketing

As the internet and social media flood us with information, our attention spans are becoming shorter than ever. Capturing your customer’s eye requires a nimble approach, and research shows that the best way to attract and maintain someone’s attention is through video.

The Economics of Attention

An emerging field of advertising strategy treats attention like a currency, and its value is only going up. Interesting, engaging content can bring your business to the attention of many potential customers, particularly when its format is easy to consume. Here are just a few of the many benefits of integrating video marketing into your strategic plan.

  • Enhanced Communication: When trying to relay what you’re all about, nothing beats the power of visuals and sounds. It’s easier to engage and persuade (two pillars of advertising!) when you give your audience multiple ways to connect to a point, whether it’s something they hear or see as part of a video.
  • Connection: Presenting your message in the form of a video makes it more likely to stick with them. Customers are already in a better frame of mind to connect because they’re engaging with exciting content.
  • Accessibility: Sometimes, our brains equate reading with work, and lots of text can feel daunting. If you have a point to get across, the path of least resistance is through the strength of video content.

Impressive Returns on Investment

It’s easy to see how attention is a massively valuable currency, so it might seem that capturing attention requires a proportionately large investment. This is not the case for video! In fact, the value gained from one well-produced video can far outweigh the investment upfront, especially as one video can have many uses.

Useful videos for your business might include interviews, commercials, or other ways that introduce your message. Marketing your business using video as part of a mixed-media approach (like embedding it into articles or linking it on social media) can enhance its value, reaching more people and gaining even more attention than traditional methods.

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