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Should You Put Videos on Landing and Sales Pages?

ArticlesShould You Put Videos on Landing and Sales Pages?

Absolutely! Time and again, videos have been shown to increase conversions far better than text on a page alone. Every marketer understands the value of landing pages to introduce new products to customers, where a visitor arrives at your website before embarking on the buyer’s journey.

Videos Are Suitable For Most Kinds of Businesses

A persuasive landing page should highlight the key selling points of your product offer, listing its features and benefits in big, bold letters to incentivize your viewers. The goal is to funnel visitors down a particular path, being exposed to many incredible offers until they are finally ready to buy.

But if your bounce rate is too high, then it may be necessary to embed a video at the top of your landing page. Videos provide more engaging and interactive content, allowing visitors to listen in. Videos can also remove a lot of clutter that might overwhelm your prospects, which improves your page’s design.

By embedding them from YouTube and other sources, personalizing your videos and inserting them into lead capture pages is easy.

Best Practices for Sales Page Videos

Videos can be used to clarify complex topics. For example, if you sell products requiring technical knowledge, you’ll have to add videos explaining how to set up or implement specific steps. Be sure to include fluid animations, accurate statistics, and visually stunning images to impress your audience. It may even be possible to make the video part of the actual offer as a preview of the entire package.

You can increase click-through rates with these video marketing strategies:

  • Get right to the point: Keep your videos short and sweet. Videos under 10 minutes long are proven to convert better since people have shorter attention spans and want to get results fast.
  • Send videos by email: You can use an autoresponder to email videos to your subscribers or include them in a series of newsletters as a promotional method before the call to action.
  • Display Client Testimonials: Every time you receive positive feedback from satisfied customers, you can directly quote them in the video to develop trust in your brand.
  • Auto-play Videos on load: You only have a few seconds to get the viewer’s attention, so it’s a good idea to make videos play by default rather than prompt the user to click a button.

Start replacing your copy with video content to get more opt-ins for your email newsletter. Or better yet, use video marketing to reduce your landing page’s length and entertain your audience using attractive lead-ins. Simply put, video marketing is an important and effective strategy for differentiating your business.

If you’re looking for advice on video marketing, from animation to editing, feel free to contact us at Drum Creative for a detailed consultation.

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